Smooth Sailing

Last week was a week of pampering. I got a haircut, a mani and pedi, and a wax! What better way to greet Spring, than smooth legs.. and a smooth kitty??

I don’t know why I do it seasonally, but I get waxed regularly in the Spring and Summer. I keep myself trimmed in the Fall and Winter. The Hubs is always excited to see the result, and I always make him guess the shape before I show him. No, I don’t go completely bare, just a personal preference. To me, some hair still shows that I am a woman. The shapes offered at my salon are strip, triangle, lightning bolt, and other shapes that you can request.

An added benefit, is that you feel clean. Hygienic. Especially during that time of the month. The ladies know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. If there are any ladies out there that has not experienced the benefit of a Brazilian bikini wax, I HIGHLY recommend it. If it’s not your thing, then try trimming it up a little. Men’s beard trimmers do nicely. If neither of those things sound remotely attractive, then be au naturale, and be proud!

I know some like to just shave, but I find it uncomfortable, and it’s just not as smooth, or long lasting as a wax. And those of you that use depilatory creams like Nair, you are braver than I. I’m too afraid of chemical burns.

But onward ladies! Show that hair who’s boss!

PS – has anyone tried the Philips Beauty SatinShave? I received an email from a reader raving about it … It’s a little pricey ($60) but it might be nice to trim things up when a sphinx wax isn’t in the cards.

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