Shower sex

First off, I will admit, I am a bad, bad, blogger. I was kind of craptastic at updating. But when one doesn’t have any readers, one doesn’t feel that bad. But lo and behold, I had a commenter!! *Waves* Hello!! Can you tell I’m excited?

Now down to business. We are now approaching the dreadfully hot time of year, where even holding hands makes you feel sweaty and gross. And if you are cursed to live without A/C, like we are, your sexy times take a hit. I’m not saying sweaty sex is bad, because there are times when it’s sinfully good, but when you’ve spent an entire day sweltering, the last thing you want is another sweaty body on top of you.

So The Husband and I have found that shower sex is fantastic when suffering from a sweaty day. You can start by helping each other lather up and shoo away the grimy feeling. Then proceed to the good part. A little bit of holding up the girl with her back against the wall (even holding up one leg can do the trick), some doggy style while standing up (brace yourselves on the wall ladies, and it’s actually a pretty decent stretch for you lower back too, ha!), and whatever else your imagination allows.

If shower sex is just not in the cards for you, at least shower together and then meet up in a dry location. Getting soapy and slippery is always erotic, no?

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