I’m a perv

Yesterday, I had a day of pampering. I got my hair done, got a pedicure and manicure. Every lady deserves one of these days. So why am I a perv? Because every time I get a manicure, I pick out a pretty color, get my nails done all pretty, and inevitably think about how my newly manicured fingers will look.. wrapped around my husbands goods..

It’s an oddity I think. I don’t know if anyone else thinks of such things while they are sitting with their fingers extended, waiting for them to dry. Last time I got a manicure, I got a deep, dark, purple color. And, it felt a little edgy, a little daring, and I think it showed up in the bedroom. This time, I got a cute pink color, in honor of springtime. And it feels ladylike, and demure. Perhaps that will show in the bedroom too.  

But irregardless of color, I always, always, want to see it wrapped around him. See how it complements the action. I think I’ve trained my husband like Pavlov’s dog. When I get a manicure, he can almost always count on some oral satisfaction.

A friend recently asked “Did you have to get over the taste of giving oral or does that not bother you at all? I wish it didn’t bother me so much.”

I don’t have any real aversion to the taste. I do have to point out, that he rarely gets to finish in my mouth. That taste, no matter what he eats, or tries, tastes bad. Does it help if your partner is freshly showered?