How do I put this delicately…

It is my ‘time of the month’. When this happens, neither my husband nor I want to get it on. We find it just a little bit gross. I’m sure there are people out there who don’t mind it, but we are not one of those people. 

So what do we do during this week of celibacy? Oral. No, no, I don’t see any action, because as I’ve stated above, that is gross. I give him oral. It doesn’t bother me. It gives me a chance to get to know the little guy. His curves, his profile, these are things that I can re-familiarize myself with. The little guy has brought me pleasure, so I return the favor. I don’t care that I don’t get anything sexual out of it, it makes me excited to see my husband enjoying himself. To see that I’m doing that to him, gives me a sense of satisfaction. 

And no, I don’t let him finish in my mouth. That only happens when he’s been VERY GOOD, aka when I’m in the mood to do it. Otherwise, it’s a washcloth or a t-shirt.

2 thoughts on “How do I put this delicately…”

  1. When I’m extra nice and let him finish in my mouth I just swallow immediately so I don’t taste it very long. If I wait to spit it into a wash cloth it’s in my mouth longer and so is the taste. Besides it’s soooo much sexier.

  2. when my time comes i am the most horniest. really bites and as soon as i tell the husband it’s that time he doesnt even come near me (not really) but he doesnt like the mess.

    i never swallow, i always go spit it out 😉

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