Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Let me start by saying that I am not a sex addict. I am not an aspiring porn star. I am not a pervert (at least I don’t think so). I am, however, a happily married woman, who has been with the same man for the last 8 years. We are completely monogamous, and live in the suburbs. We are the couple that lives next door.

So what do I have to blog about? I want to blog about sex. Normal vanilla sex. I want to blog about monogamous adult sex, mine in particular. Why? Because I keep getting told that while my husband keeps begging for sex, I run away with a headache. That is just NOT the truth! I thoroughly enjoy sex, I enjoy the physical sensations, but I also love the emotional closeness that I get from it. I want others to see what happens between a random real-life couple. We don’t have sex covered in a sheet, we don’t slam each other into walls to rip off our clothes, and we don’t go for hours with him finishing on my face.

What you can expect from my posts, is just my random musings about sex, and my body.
This is not about advice, how to spice up your marriage, or anything like that. Just a glimpse into my bedroom and my mind.

Don’t like it? DON’T READ IT!

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