I’m a twenty-something married housewife (with no kiddos), in a committed and monogamous relationship. I want to dispel the myth that married sex = no sex. Sex is not bad, it’s not shameful, and it’s not dirty (well, only if you want it to be). And it’s especially none of those things when you share it with someone you love.

A twenty-something Housewife in a committed and monogamous marriage, whose mind is constantly in the gutter.  Struggling with infertility, but still trying to keep sex fun and spontaneous.

Hates the myth that married couples never have sex, and that women never want it.  Firmly believes that sex isn’t shameful or dirty (well, only when you want it to be), especially with someone you love.

Hobbies include: 

  • Seducing The Husband
  • Buying purses
  • Buying lingerie
  • Reading
  • Knitting