8 Amazing Sex Positions That Are A Must Try

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Adding variation and a dash of novelty to your sex life is a terrific way to liven things up. Trying new sex positions and refining them is a terrific way to not only have more fun, but also to keep your relationship from stagnating. This post will show you the 8 finest sex positions to attempt. Keep in mind that conventional sex positions like missionary and doggy style, as well as any other favorite position you might have, are not excluded. Nonetheless, have some fun with this sex positions list.

  1. Amazon’s Sex Status

The Amazon sex position is a bit of a reverse on standard angles, but it’s a really passionate sex position. According to the categorization, it’s a woman-on-top position, with the woman in command. The man is lying on his back, his legs lifted upwards, and his knees bent.

While the male pushes his knees towards his chest or gently opens them to offer you more space, the lady mounts him from above in a kneeling position. To better support your weight, lean on his thighs. Because you’re in charge, make sure you’re both at ease. Remember that the man’s penis will bend slightly backwards, so take care not to injure him.

It’s a terrific sex position, even if it sounds a little odd. If you’re into analingus, you’ll naturally go to this posture following the act.

Sybian Sex Position No. 2

This is another woman-on-top position, called after the Sybian sex toy, which is one of the most powerful vibrators. In this position, the man lies down on his back on an ottoman or other similar device, leaving enough area for you to straddle him. Squatting is required for penetration.

You may have observed that this position is very similar to the Cowgirl sex position, with the exception that you will be on your feet rather than on your knees. You are in command. Alternate between thrusting and grinding to achieve an angle that is suitable for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

The Slow Dance (#3)

Incorporate the romance of a slow dance into your intercourse. This position is one of the best sex positions since it is enjoyable and simple. The only challenge with this sex position is that your heights must be compatible or similar enough that one partner can bend his or her knees to compensate for any differences.

You face each other and stand close to each other. To let him in, you’ll need to spread your legs slightly. Wrap your arms around each other and thrust and grind as desired. Although you may not climax in this position, it is a really pleasurable experience and, if I may say so, one of the sexiest sex positions.

  1. Sex Position for Sitting Lovers

The Sitting Lovers, one of the more well-known sex positions, allowing for deeper penetration and more skin-to-skin contact. It’s also really pleasant, and you won’t discover that your muscles cramp up after a few seconds. Sure, it’s popular, and you’ve probably tried it. Nonetheless, I’m here to offer advice on how to get the most out of this sex position.

Many individuals attempt this in a chair, however this is not the most pleasant position for this sex position. The male should be seated on one side of the bed (or on a sofa), allowing you to place and rest your legs on each side of him. A sofa is probably a better option because the back support is more comfortable.

You can come close to him and wrap your arms around his neck, adjusting the angle by leaning backward. You can kiss him and maintain eye contact as you face one other, making the posture intimate and romantic. That may explain why this position is favored and regarded as one of the best in the sex world.

Leaning back against the bed or sofa with his arms for support makes thrusting easier. He may also encircle you with his arms, albeit this will result in less thrusting and more grinding.

  1. Putting Pressure On The Cushion

This amazing sex position combines pillow humping with penetrative sex. Begin by placing a throw pillow on your vulva in the traditional doggy type setting. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair the throw pillow with a vibrator to amp up the clitoral stimulation. Raise your torso to hump the pillow pleasantly while he enters your vagina.

While he slides inside you, the man may have to hold some of your weight with his arms while you grind on the pillow. Maintain continuous pressure on the pillow to ensure adequate clit stimulation. So that things can get along well, be communicative and give him clear guidelines.

  1. The Sex Position of a Butterfly

The Butterfly is a straightforward and adaptable sex position. You can do it on the edge of a bed or on a table. You can also be totally on the bed, with the distinction that instead of standing on his feet, the man supports his weight on his knees. This position does not require the lady to be particularly active, so you can relax, lie back, and enjoy the pleasure, since this position is also excellent for g-spot stimulation.

Your hips will be slightly lifted in this sex position. You can rely on your man’s strength to lift your hips into place, or you can make things easier for him by placing pillows beneath your hips. Your ankles will go over his shoulders, and your thighs will rest on his chest. He can raise you by placing his hands on your hips, or you can place your elbows on the bed and hold the weight with your hands.

Men adore this posture because it allows them to see everything that is going on. You get the most enjoyment from this posture because it stimulates the g-spot. Adjust the height of your hips till the g-spot receives the stimulation you desire.

  1. Fuck Sex Position in a Hurry

The Fast Fuck sex position is most suited for when you want a quickie, as its name suggests. It’s similar to the cowgirl position in terms of positioning, with him resting on his back and you on top. However, there are a few differences that make a big difference.

The male must lie on his back, legs bent, and feet firmly planted on the bed. After that, you lean forward and straddle him. You can support your weight with your hands and feet/knees while on your feet or knees, whichever is more comfortable. You’ll be somewhat elevated above him, so you won’t be putting any weight on his crotch.

The man’s task after the position is set up is to thrust in and out, usually quickly, while utilizing his feet for support. It should be somewhat easier because he is not sustaining any weight. Naturally, this position will not last long, and he will either ejaculate or get too weary to continue in the same position after a few minutes.

It’s hardly the most intimate or sensual sex position, but it’s one of the best quickies around.

Piston Sex Position No. 8

So far, I’ve stuck to sex positions that are both basic and pleasurable. This is one of the unique sex positions that takes things a step further. He must be powerful enough to not only raise you up, but also to thrust you in and out while holding you. He elevates you above the ground in this posture, supporting you with his hands on your hips.

It’s recommended to skip this position and try something different if either of you has any worries about his strength. If Piston stands with his back to a couch or bed, the position becomes simpler. You can put your feet on the ground behind him, supporting some of your weight and allowing you to thrust. Put your arms around his neck to make it more romantic while also improving your balance.

Many couples start the piston with the male hoisting the woman into the air while standing upright on the ground. It may be easier for him to stand in position if you straddle him while he sits on the edge of the bed or couch. It’s difficult and exhausting, but it’s also pleasurable and one of the most interesting sex positions to try.

Parting Words for the Best Sex Positions

When it comes down to it, the ideal sex position is the one that you enjoy the most. Experiment and don’t get stuck in a posture that’s too comfortable for you. There are numerous sex positions to try, so keep things interesting. Going outside of your comfort zone and trying something new in bed can do wonders. Try out some of the sex positions on this list and see which one becomes your new favorite!