Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2

The Lelo Mia 2 is designed to look like an enormous lipstick and is packed with power without attempting to breach the sound barrier! The Lelo Mia 2 bullet vibrator is a high-quality vibrator with a subtle appearance and operation. The vibrator is incredibly silent, even when operating at maximum power.

Given that this vibrator is composed of ABS plastic, that’s quite an accomplishment. This is a high-quality, body-safe material. It is not, however, a material that is known to attenuate or dampen noise. Mia 2 has six vibration strength settings, with the maximum setting producing less than 40 decibels of noise. Lelo says that the Mia 2’s noise/sound level is less than 50 decibels. This number is commonly used to describe the volume of a normal discussion.

Outside a closed door, that noise will be hardly unnoticed in a modern home. The sound will not exit your room if you take basic precautions to mute it.

Mia 2 is a capable vibrator with precision clitoral stimulation that is very easy to use. It has the look of a slightly beefier lipstick, measuring 4.4 inches in length. Mia’s form allows for precision stimulation of your clitoris, and the easy-to-use controls allow you to experiment with the intensity.

Deep, rumbly, and pleasant vibrations are present. This vibrator is capable and powerful, yet it lacks physical force. This vibrator may not be for you if you enjoy very powerful stimulation.


Operation that is completely silent
ABS plastic is high-quality, body-safe, non-porous, and phthalate-free.
Various levels of intensity
Controls are simple to access and manage and are easy to carry along.

For individuals who love powerful vibrations, this may not be enough.